Video surveillance systems play an important role in maintaining public safety, manufacturing and business processes

BCC Company is constantly working on the selection and implementation of effective solutions in the field of OSS

BCC has an outstanding design expertise and unique experience in implementing complex projects of Data Centers

JTI Petro

Construction of modern engineering infrastructure at JTI Petro tobacco factory

BCC has fulfilled a bunch of projects for implementation of modern services such as data, voice and video. The projects include design, delivery and installation of electric networks in the administrative, industrial and warehouse buildings, construction of new transformer substation and reconstruction of the existing transformer substation. The installation of electricity cables has been done. The main distribution boards and boards of secondary distribution of electricity have been designed, assembled and installed. Reconstruction of the lighting system of the factory has been done. Other engineering works include design and installation of CCTV technology, modernization of the automatic fire extinguishing system. BCC also fulfilled a project of automatic control system for processing line of transportation, dusting and dehydrating of tobacco.