Video surveillance systems play an important role in maintaining public safety, manufacturing and business processes

BCC has an outstanding design expertise and unique experience in implementing complex projects of Data Centers

Application and desktop virtualization is a new level of terminal access to corporate applications and data

Engineering Infrastructure for Office Buildings and Industrial Facilities

BCC provides customers with complex approach to realization of engineering infrastructure projects. Customers receive automated engineering systems as apart of fully controllable infrastructure, with comfortable conditions to office activity and optimum conditions to run technological processes.

What We Provide:

Systems of electrical supply, power supplies and lighting:

  • Transformer substations, distributing-transformer substations up to 10 (6)/0.4 кW;
  • Input switchover, the main switchboards on currents up to 6300А, and also distributive and group power boards (ВСС is licensed partner Schneider Electric and SIEMENS on assemblage of power boards and makes the equipment on own industrial base);
  • Internal main, distributive and group networks of the power equipment of buildings and constructions;
  • The allocated power distributive networks (guaranteed, uninterrupted, etc.) with special requirements to electrical supply;
  • Systems of external and internal lighting of buildings and sites;
  • Systems of grounding and lightning protection.

Climatic and pipeline systems:

  • Ventilation and air-conditioning;
  • Water supply and the water drain;
  • Heating and cooling;
  • Heat supply and heat supply sources;
  • Boiler-houses on various kinds of fuel.

Telecommunication systems:

  • The structured cable system (SCS) on the basis of copper (twisted pair) and fibre-optical cables;
  • The local computer network (LAN).

Corporate security systems:

  • The integrated security systems;
  • Monitoring and management of building access;
  • Video observation for technological equipment;
  • Alarm systems;
  • Fire alarm systems;
  • Automatic fire-fighting (water, gas, powder);
  • Perimeter protection.

The automated control systems for building engineering infrastructure:

  • Automation and scheduling systems;
  • Control systems of ventilation and air conditioning;
  • Control systems of cooling and a heating supply;
  • Control systems of water supply and water removal;
  • Control systems of power supply sources;
  • Control systems of lighting;
  • Control systems of an electrical supply;
  • Control systems of smoke removal;
  • Control systems of lift equipment;
  • Systems of automation of a drainage and storm-water inlet.