BCC has an outstanding design expertise and unique experience in implementing complex projects of Data Centers

BCC Company is constantly working on the selection and implementation of effective solutions in the field of OSS

Video surveillance systems play an important role in maintaining public safety, manufacturing and business processes

General construction works

BCC Company offers customers all complex of general construction works — from creation of the design documentation to renovation of office buildings, constructions of industrial and infrastructural objects. Qualified experts ВСС can precisely calculate the budget, provide customer with work schedule, audit services, project documentation, coordination and supervising of all works on the site.

Recently construction law in Russia has been changed from state licensing to permits from self-regulated professional organizations (SRO) which include hundreds of constructor companies. These changes ensure higher standards of construction works and more responsibility from market players.

BCC Company has all necessary permits from SRO on construction works including permits for works on high dangerous, technically complicated and unique objects.